Filing an indictment against the couple Al-Zaghal including charges of obstructing the arrest of their son
April 6, 2021


On Tuesday, the public prosecution office filed an indictment to the Magistrate’s Court against a Jerusalemite couple.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan stated that the public prosecution filed an indictment against Ahmed and Hayat al-Zaghal, which included “assaulting police officers and obstructing their work during the arrest of one of their sons from the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in July 2019.”

The Zaghal family explained that since mid-2019 it has been suffering from continuous prosecution, by assaulting family members with severe beatings, arrest and interrogation, repeated summons, and house arrest for days, leading to the filing of indictments against "Hussein and Ibrahim" and today against "Ahmed and Hayat", and the family is still awaiting judgment in the case.

Ahmed Al-Zaghal talked about the day of the incident on 5/7/2019, when his son Ibrahim went to the grocery store, and while returning home, he was surprised by the forces stationed in the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood, so he ran quickly and fell to the ground."

Zaghal said: “While searching for my son Ibrahim to arrest him without any evidence, I was arrested along with my son Hussein and my wife Hayat, then my son Ibrahim. We were assaulted and severely beaten, then transferred to the interrogation center. My wife and my son Hussein were released, while Ibrahim and I remained in detention. The investigation lasted for 3 days, and the case did not end then, but rather continues until this day.

Hayat Al-Zaghal explained that since July 2019, multiple sessions were held for her sons, Ibrahim and Hussein, and are usually in the morning hours during school days, which affected them academically, and she was also summoned for investigation and sessions, which has negatively affected her work.

She said: "The matter did not stop at the investigations and the filing of indictments against my two sons, so indictments were also filed against us."

Al-Zaghal denied the charges against her, recalling on the day of the incident: "More than 30 soldiers from the Special Forces attacked us and beat us ... How could we attack them?!"