Occupation authorities deport two freed prisoners from the city of Jerusalem
April 12, 2021

On Monday, the occupation authorities handed over two freed prisoners, from the village of Issawiya, deportation orders from the city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation authorities summoned the freed prisoners Anwar Sami Obeid and Ahmed Mohammad Derbas to Al-Maskobyehpolice station, and handed them decisions to deport them from the city of Jerusalem, and not to communicate with several people from their hometown in the village of Issawiya.

The center stated that the occupation authorities decided to deport Anwar Obeid for a period of 6 months, pointing out that among the people that he forbidden to communicate with them are two of his uncles.

The occupation authorities had deported Obaid from the village of Issawiya last year for a period of 4 months, which ended at the end of the year, and during recent months he was arrested, detained and investigated several times, and at the beginning of last year he was subjected to house arrest for 3 months, and he had spent nearly 5 years in prison.

The center added that the occupation authorities also deported Ahmed Derbas from Jerusalem for a period of 4 months, given that he spent 4 years in the occupation’s prisons.