After banning the conference - the occupation forces arrest 3 Jerusalemite candidates for the Palestinian elections
April 17, 2021

On Saturday, the occupation forces arrested 3 Jerusalemite candidates for the Legislative Council, after preventing the press conference on the Palestinian legislative elections.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation intelligence arrested the candidate Rutaiba Natsheh, and the candidates for the Fatah list, Nasser Qos and Dr. Ashraf Al-A’war.

The center added that the occupation forces arrested Qos and Al-Natsheh from Salah El-Din Street during a sit-in in the area, while the lawyer, Al-A’war, was arrested from Nablus Street.

The candidates of Jerusalem, on the National and Islamic Action lists for the Palestinian Legislative Council elections, called for a press conference on Saturday at the "St. George" Hotel in Salah El-Din Street, and before the scheduled time of the conference, the occupation forces and intelligence surrounded the place, put up barriers and prevented the conference from being held.

The candidates declared their firm position from the center of Salah al-Din Street in Jerusalem, "No elections without Jerusalem," and that Jerusalemites have the right to participate in the elections “by running, campaigning and voting." During that, Palestinian flags were raised and slogans and chants were chanted, and during that the forces stormed the place and confiscated the flags, and executed the arrests.