100 injuries and 12 detainees while confronting the settlers’ march
April 23, 2021

Dozens of Jerusalemites were injured and 12 others were arrested during violent confrontations in the city of Jerusalem, in response to the settlers' march, which the extreme right-wing "Lyhava Organization" called for to carry out attacks on Jerusalemites, which adopted the slogan "defending the Jewish honor."

100 injuries

The Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance officer Mohammad Al-Fityani explained that the crews dealt with 100 injuries, and transferred 21 of them to the hospital.

Al-Fityani added that the injuries were due to “rubber bullets, sound grenades, beatings, and gas bombs.”

12 detainees, including a blind man and a boy who suffers from heart disease

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Firas al-Jabrini, explained that the forces carried out 12 arrests from the city, including 4 boys, and most of the detainees were beaten and assaulted where signs of assault and bruising were clear on them. The lawyer pointed out that the detainees were beaten in the head and face in particular.

Al-Jabrini added that among the detainees was a blind young man, and a boy suffering from heart diseases.

Violent confrontations

The city’s streets witnessed violent confrontations between hundreds of young men and the occupation forces, which tried for more than 6 hours to disperse the young men with sound grenades and rubber bullets, sprayed them with wastewater and beat them, but the young men continued their presence in the area of Damascus Gate and the roads and streets leading to it;“Sultan Suleiman Street, Al-Musrara, and Herod’s Gate road". They prevented the settlers' march, which was located in Street No. 1, a few meters away from them.

The youths closed several streets, and threw stones, fireworks and Molotov cocktails at the occupation forces.

The confrontations spread to several neighborhoods and villages in Jerusalem, especially Al-Sowaneh, Al-Tur, Wadi Al-Joz and Sheikh Jarrah.

Settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles while driving in Street No. 1, and the vehicles parked in the area close to their presence.

Omar Taha, 18 years old, was injured in the face and required stitches. Taha explained that he was in his work truck in Street No.1, when he was attacked by dozens of settlers, who smashed the truck’s windshield, and he was injured in the face.