Arresting and beating a citizen and his two sons…one of them is blind
April 24, 2021

Three members of the Salah family suffered from bruises, wounds and pain, after the occupation forces attacked and arrested them while they were in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces severely beat Khaldoun Salah and his two sons Ali and Youssef during their arrest while they were sitting in the area of Damascus Gate on Thursday evening.

Khaldoun Salah explained what happened and said: “I was with my sons in the area of Damascus Gate, sitting on its stairs. Before headinginto the Old City, we were surprised by members of the Special Forces coming towards us and besieging us, then they started beating and pushing us, then they took us to the observation room designated for the occupation soldiers in the area.”

Salah continued: "I told the soldiers several times during our arrest while being assaulted, that my son Ali, 22 years old, has special needs. He is blind and does not see at all at night, but they did not care about that and continued to beat him."

Salah said: "What we were subjected to was crushing and not normal beating. They beat us with the rifle butts, kicked us with their legs and sprayed us with gas. They also placed handcuffs on our hands while we were on the ground and in the corners of the observation room, while Ali shouted to inform them that he cannot see anything, and despite that the beating continued and did not stop."

Salah explained that the soldiers deliberately hit them on the head and back in particular.

After about half an hour of detention and beatings, Khaldoun and his two sons were transferred to Salah al-Din Street police station.

Salah added that after they arrived at the detention center, he and his son Youssef were released and transferred by ambulance to Hadassah Hospital, after suffering from high blood pressure and severe pain in the hand and head, and the intelligence required them to come to investigation again, while Ali was released the next morning.

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the occupation forces carried out attacks on Jerusalemites in the streets of the city by beating, pushing, spraying wastewater and arresting them. Then, during the past two days, it turned into violent confrontations between the occupation forces and its settlers and the youth, and extended to include the towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem including Al-Tur, Al-Sowaneh, Wadi Al-Joz, Silwan, Issawiya and Sheikh Jarrah.