Arrests from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem
May 2, 2021

After midnight, the occupation forces arrested two Jerusalemites from Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem, during the crackdown and pursuit of the protesters in the neighborhood.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem learned that the forces had arrested the boy, Hamza Al-Sabah, and the activist Samer Abu Eisheh.

The occupation forces attacked the protesters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, with sound grenades and pushing.

Settlers also insulted the protesters while guarded by the Israeli police.

On Sunday, the Supreme Court granted “the people of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the settlers” until next Thursday to discuss the agreement presented to them during today's session which states “recognizing the ownership of land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for the settlers while the families remain as protected tenants and the contract is registered in the name of a person from the family and upon his death the settler receives the property."