12 detainees and dozens of injuries in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood
May 5, 2021

The occupation forces arrested 12 Palestinians, and dozens were injured during the continuous suppression of a demonstration against the decisions to evacuate homes in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem for the benefit of settlers.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces attacked demonstrators in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood several times, and beat them, threw sound grenades at them and sprayed pepper gas and wastewater at them.

The center added that the forces carried out successive arrests from the neighborhood, and the occupation forces severely beat all the detainees, dragged them to the ground and put their heads on the streets of the neighborhood, wounding some of them.

The center stated that the forces arrestedSiwar Qasem, Khalil Odeh, Saif Hammoudeh, Mohammad Al-Natsheh, Yazan Obaid, Mustafa Mutlaq, Barakat Al-Zaatari, Anas Obaid, Asem Attoun, Mohammad Abbasi, Mustafa Mteir, and Mohammad Abu Khdair from the neighborhood.

While the ambulance crews present in the field reported that their crews dealt with about 40 injuries, "suffocation from gas and wastewater, shrapnel from sound grenades, pushing and beating, and two injuries were taken to the hospital."

The center added that the occupation forces deliberately sprayed wastewater towards the neighborhood's homes and vehicles, and the Red Crescent vehicles were not exempt from this.

The occupation forces also stormed the home of the al-Kurd family - which is threatened with eviction - several times, and attacked those in its yard with beating and pepper gas, and evacuated the yard in every incursion, then stationed at its door and prevented the demonstrators from being in front of it.

It also prohibited the people from being present and standing in front of their homes.

Dozens of settlers were present in front of the seized building of Al-Ghawi family, and residents complained about the settlers’ constant provocations by insulting them and inciting to arrest them.