15 detainees from Sheikh Jarrah…settlers attack the locals present in the neighborhood
May 6, 2021

On Thursday, settlers attacked dozens of Palestinians while they were breaking their fast in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The Palestinians were surprised when one of the settlers sprayed them with pepper gas, when they started having their meal and threw stones at them, so the youths fled to defend themselves, and clashes took place between the settlers present in the seized building of Al-Ghawi family and between the neighborhood residents and the youths.

During the demonstrations of dozens of Palestinians in the neighborhood and chanting slogans, the forces began to attack them by beating and shoving them, and evacuating their whereabouts towards the outer streets of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, then chasing them to evacuate the area, and during that the forces closed the entrances to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood completely and prevented entry to it, and sprayed wastewater towards them after midnight, in addition to firing rubber bullets and sound bombs to disperse the crowd.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the home of the Al-Kurd and Diab families, and attacked members of the Diab family with beating and gas.

Settlers from the neighborhood fired shots randomly in the area, while their vehicle was set on fire.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Jerusalem stated that the forces arrested: Shadi Mattour, the secretary of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem, Adam Yaish, Islam Ghatit, Nour al-Shalabi, Bashar Yaish, Jalal al-Ja'bari, Ahmad Sarahna, Shafiq Taha, Youssef Sarhan, Mu’taz Darwish, Adham Sharqawi, Mohammad Shweiki, Mohammad Shreiteh, and Zakaria al-Jabari.

The extremist Knesset member, Itamar Bin Ghafir, announced that his office had been moved to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to "monitor the handling and behavior of the police with the events taking place in the area." Before his arrival, settlers erected a tent, placed a banner and raised the Israeli flag on the site.

The Supreme Court has set a session next Monday, to consider the appeal submitted by the families of "Al-Kurd, Iskafi, Al-Qasim, and Al-Ja’ouni", regarding the decisions to evacuate them from their homes for the benefit of the settlers.