Clashes…arrests…injuries in the city of Jerusalem
May 9, 2021

Tens of thousands of Palestinians revived Lailat Al-Qader in Al-Aqsa Mosque, while violent confrontations took place in the streets of Jerusalem and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the city.

The Islamic Endowments Department estimated the number of worshipers in Al-Aqsa at 90,000.

The occupation forces prevented the entry of trucks transporting meals for fasting worshippers and belonging to the Islamic Endowments Department into Al-Aqsa.

A few minutes before the evening call to prayer, the forces attacked the worshipers arriving to Al-Aqsa via King Faisal Gate and Hutta Gate, with beating and sound grenades.

Violent confrontations

The occupation forces attacked Palestinians in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, suddenly, and threw sound grenades and rubber bullets at them, which led to the outbreak of violent confrontations in the area and then spread to the adjacent streets down to Herods Gate.

The forces sprayed wastewater randomly towards passers-by, properties, stalls and shops, noting that traces of this water remain for several days.

The Palestinian Red Crescent stated that its teams dealt with 90 injuries during clashes in the vicinity of Jerusalem, 14 of them were transferred to Al-Maqased Hospital, and the Red Crescent field hospital also dealt with 14 injuries.

The Red Crescent added that among the wounded were 6 children - less than 18 years old -, including a one-year-old girl, and a paramedic, as well as a family of 5 members, "the father and his children," where the father and his child were injured, and the rest suffered a state of fear.

The Red Crescent added that most of the injuries were hit by rubber bullets, stun grenades, and beating.

Also, a woman was injured in the face.

In the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the Ramadan Iftar was held in front of the houses threatened with confiscation for the benefit of the settlers, and after the end of the Iftarand the beginning of chanting slogans, the forces suppressed the demonstrators and attacked them with beating and wastewater, and arrested some of them.


The occupation forces carried out arrests in the evening hours from the city of Jerusalem, and the lawyer for the Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the detainees were: Nour Hammad, Maryam al-Afifi, Amir Ramawi, Mahmoud Burqan, Mamoun Abu Asab, Mohammad Tubasi, Laith Ghaith, Ghaith Ghaith, Ghazi Abu Sbitan, Mohammad Khader Abu al-Hawa, Mohammad Nasir al-Qaq, and Abd al-Abbasi.