On the first day of Eid Al-Adha…arrests and assaults in Jerusalem
May 13, 2021

The people of the village of Issawiya were not spared from the campaign of assaults and arrests on the first day of the Eid. The intelligence services and the occupation forces stormed several homes in the village and carried out arrests.

A member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, Mohammad Abu al-Hummus, explained that the intelligence services and the occupation forces carried out a series of arrests in the village, following the storming of homes, and attacks on some residents.

The center learned that the forces arrested the two girls, Hadeel Darwish and Tala Darwish, and also arrested Qusai Derbas, Laith Abu Rayaleh, and Youssef Darwish.

The forces also arrested Baha’ Najib, Mustafa Abdel Latif, Ahmed Al-Natsheh, and Mohammad Ghassan from the streets of Jerusalem, as well as two young men from the areas of Damascus Gate and Herods Gate.