In names…multiple arrests in Jerusalem
May 16, 2021

The occupation forces carried out, at dawn today, a series of arrests from Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Jerusalem stated that a large-scale arrest campaign was carried out by the intelligence services and the occupation forces, concentrated in the Old City of Jerusalem and the town of Silwan.

The center added that the forces stormed several homes and carried out arrests, and also handed summonses to a number of young men.

The center stated that the occupation forces carried out arrests yesterday “during the evening and afternoon hours" in several towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The two attorneys Mohammad Mahmoud and Firas al-Jabrini - the center's attorney - and local sources from the city stated that the forces had arrested the following during the past hours:

1. Ziad Salaymeh

2. Jihad Qos

3. Mohammad Ayman Salaymeh

4. Shaher Salaymeh

5. Mohammad Qasim Salaymeh

6. Majdi Al-Atrash

7. Rami Murrar

8. Khaled Basti

9. Yazan Basti

10. Faris Jaber

11. Adnan Shallodi

12. Musab Abu Farha

13. Ziad Da’na

14. Qusai Da’na

15. Abed Da’na

16. Zaki Da’na

17. Yaser Da’na

18. Baha’ Abu Al-Hamam

19. Mohammad Sanduka

20. Ali Salah

21. Ahmed Abu Sbitan

The center explained that the forces assaulted the members of the Da’na family during a raid on their home in Silwan.