Silwan…Suppression…beating…injuries and arrests from Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood
June 4, 2021

On Friday afternoon, the occupation forces suppressed dozens of people in the Batn al-Hawa sit-in tent in Silwan, with sound and gas bombs and rubber bullets.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that several attacks and incursions were recorded from the afternoon hours until the evening in the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan, and that began after the participants in the Jerusalem Marathon arrived from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to Silwan tent, and as soon as the slogans were chanted, the forces stormed the tent and assaulted those present with beating and grenades.

The center added that clashes erupted in the vicinity of the tent, and when the young men returned to the sit-in tent, the forces stormed the tent again, beat the people present, and threw grenades randomly to drive away those present by force, and destroyed the contents of the tent, "chairs and poles."

The center explained that the clashes extended from the vicinity of the tent towards the alleys and lanes of the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood, during which a special forces squad surrounded the tent and completely demolished it, in an attempt to prevent the presence and sit-in inside it and the establishment of events.

The forces targeted the homes of Batn al-Hawa neighborhood with gas canisters, causing dozens of residents to suffocate, knowing that the houses of the neighborhood are adjacent to each other, and onecanister hit a house belonging to the Abu Moz family, which led to several cases of suffocation among children and women.

The forces stormed homes in the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood, and pursued residents as they stood in front of their homes.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that its crews dealt with 23 injuries in Silwan due to rubber bullets, stun grenades and beatings, and one injury was taken to the hospital.

The forces also targeted a Red Crescent car with a rubber bullet, which shattered the car's windshield as the rubber penetrated the vehicle.

During that time, the occupation forces arrested 4 young men from the town: a member of the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood committee, Kayed al-Rajabi, Saif Abu Ta'a, Mamdouh Zahdeh, and Mutasem Hmeidat.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Firas Al-Jabrini, stated that the 15-year-old boy, Mutasem Hmeidat, was arrested from the town of Silwan, and was severely beaten during the arrest and while being taken to and inside the police vehicle. He was taken to O’z investigation center in Jabal Al-Mukabber. Lawyer Al-Jibrini visited him inside the investigation center and demanded that he be treated for injuries to the face, knee and several areas of the body, in addition to his feeling of dizziness from time to time, and when the ambulance came, he stressed the need to transfer him to the hospital.

On Friday afternoon, the "Jerusalem Marathon" started from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, passing through the streets of Jerusalem, "Salah al-Din, Herods Gate and Lions Gate", and upon reaching the Silwan tent, the forces suppressed those present.

The forces arrested a young man from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, for having a “scarf in the colors of the Palestinian flag” with him.