Releasing the twins Al-Kurd…suppression and assault…deportation from Sheikh Jarrah…extension of arrest
June 7, 2021

On Sunday, the Israeli occupation police released the twins, Mohammed and Muna Al-Kurd, and Eyad Abu Sneineh, after arresting and interrogating them for several hours, regarding "reporting what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood."

The forces suppressed a gathering of dozens of Palestinians while they were in front of the Salah El-Din Street police station in the city, coinciding with the transfer of the journalist, Muna Al-Kurd, from the police station to Al-Maskobyeh station, before releasing her.

The forces repeatedly threw sound grenades at those present to keep them away from the vicinity of the center and prevent them from seeing Muna Al-Kurd while transporting her, and the repression extended towards the area of Herods Gate, Al-Rasheed Street and Salah Al-Din Street.

The occupation forces targeted the press crews with sound grenades during their presence in the place, which led to the injury of many of them and required treatment in the health centers.

The two brothers, Muna and Mohammad al-Kurd, said that the arrest and investigation came two days before the scheduled date for “the legal advisor’s response to the issue of the residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood,” to put pressure and intimidate all members of the neighborhood, stressing the steadfastness of the people and their steadfastness despite all these procedures.

The police released Eyad Abu Sneineh, on the condition that he be deported from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for two weeks.

The police extended the arrest of the head of the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood committee - Silwan, to present him to the court.

Last Saturday, the occupation forces assaulted journalist Givara Al-Budairi, Al-Jazeera correspondent and its photographer, Nabil Mazawi, while working in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. They were beaten during the arrest and while being held in a police vehicle.

The occupation authorities also released Ammar Ghorab, on the condition that he be deported from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for a period of two weeks. Ghorab suffered bruises and various aches, after assaulting him during his arrest from the neighborhood.