About 30 detainees - beating, repression and prosecution… The extremist Ben Gavir holds a conference in Damascus Gate
June 10, 2021

The Palestinians in the city of Jerusalem confronted the extremist Knesset member Itamar Ben Gavir, during his arrival to the Damascus Gate area in the city, and raised the Palestinian flag, and chanted the for Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.

The occupation forces suppressed the Palestinians by beating, pushing, sound grenades, pepper gas and sewage water, to completely evacuate the Damascus Gate area, towards the Al-Musrara area, Nablus Street and Sultan Suleiman Street, to allow the extremist Ben Gavir and a group of settlers to be in the place.

In front of the scene of raising the Israeli flag in Damascus Gate area, the young men raised the Palestinian flag, during which the forces suppressed them with sound grenades and beatings, and arrested a number of them after beating them.

The settlers cursed and insulted the Jerusalemites, and deliberately obstructed the work of journalists by placing their hats on the cameras' lenses, and insulting them.

The occupation forces arrested dozens of young men and boys, beat them severely and used pepper gas during arrest and detention inside the control rooms located at the entrances to Damascus Gate.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Firas Al-Jabrini, stated that the forces arrested about 30 Palestinians from Jerusalem on Thursday, half of them from Damascus Gate area.

Lawyer Al-Jabrini, explained that the arrests in Damascus Gate area were transferred to the Salah al-Din Street police station, and then to the "Nabi Yacoub and Oz" centers for investigation, pointing out that the detainees were accused of several charges, most notably "assaulting the police, attacking special forces, attackinga settler, and participating in confrontations."

Al-Jabrini added that a number of detainees sustained injuries to the face and chest, and were transferred for treatment.

Al-Jabrini added that the detainees from Jerusalem are: Louay Al-Rajabi, Iyad Abu Sbeih, Amer Bader, Abdul Rahman Al-Bukhari, Laith Abu Kaf, Naim Al-Natsheh, Samir Sarhan, Abdullah Jaber, Raed Al-Sayyad, Ramzi Mansour, Qasem Al-Disi, Mohammad Al-Fakhouri, Louay Al-Qare’, Mahmoud Mheisen, Mahmoud Al-Kiswani, Thaer Qaraeen, Bashar Shweiki and Khaled Al-Salaymeh.

The forces also arrested 4 young men, and transferred them to interrogation at the Nabi Yacoub Police Station.

Repression and arrests in front of the District Court

In the morning, the forces arrested the two freed prisoners, Nitham Abu Rammouz and Adel Al-Silwadi, and the young man Basel Mazen Dweik, during a repression of a protest in front of the District Court in Jerusalem, coinciding with a hearing on the appeal submitted against the decision to evacuate the Abu Nab and Ghaith families from their property in the Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan.

The court postponed consideration of the appeal submitted by the Ghaith and Abu Nab families, until the attorney general makes his decision on the “Dweik family” case in the neighborhood during a hearing scheduled at the end of June. The court set a session on July 8th to consider the appeal.

The police extended the arrest of the detainees to be brought before court tomorrow.


The police also arrested Khaled Abu Mayaleh from the area of Lions Gate, and extended his detention until the next day.

The court released Harbi Al-Rajabi on condition of deportation from the Old City of Jerusalem for a month, and house arrest for 5 days, knowing that he was arrested on Wednesday evening.

 It also released Ahmed Abu Diab on condition of deportation from the Old City of Jerusalem for a period of two weeks, and house arrest for a period of 5 days, knowing that he was arrested on Wednesday when he was leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque with his son.

Laith Ghaith was also released on condition that he be deported from the Old City for two weeks, knowing that he was arrested today, Thursday, from the Bab Hutta area.

The occupation forces pursued the young men in Al-Aqsa and the roads of the Old City, and arrested a young man from Al-Aqsa during the settlers’ incursions in the afternoon, and a young man from the Old City.

The court extended the arrest of the Jerusalemite activist Anan Najib for five days, knowing that he was arrested on Wednesday evening.