Summary of Prisoners’ Institutions issued for May 2021
June 13, 2021

The month of May 2021 witnessed a dangerous escalation in the repression and attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people in various areas, specifically with the spark of events that began in Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on April 13, 2021, when the occupation forces began preventing Palestinians from being in the area in conjunction with what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of forced displacement and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Events continued, as the confrontation escalated, and massive repression and attacks were monitored, including massive arrests, that affected all groups, and continued to escalate, especially with the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, which lasted for 11 days, which prompted the Palestinian people in all their locations to take to the streets to confront the policies of the occupation and its violations.

According to the follow-up of human rights institutions related to prisoners' affairs, the Israeli occupation forces arrested about (3100) Palestinians during May 2021. Among them were (42) women and (471) children, from all areas which witnessed random and systematic arrests. The 1948 lands witnessed the largest number of arrests, nearly (2000), including (291) children. Many grave violations were recorded, accompanying the massive and systematic arrests in various towns, and they did not stop at the moment of arrest against the detainees and their families, but continued through a series of tools and policies later, including intimidation and threats, where more than (170) indictments were filed against the detainees, the most prominent of these charges, were participating in the demonstrations rejecting the policies of the occupation.

The extensive arrest campaigns in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, reached about (1100) arrests, including (180) children, and (42) women and girls, and the highest was in Jerusalem which reached (677) arrests.

The number of arrests in Jerusalem reached (677) cases of arrests from the city, including (124) minors, including about 20 arrests of children between the ages of 13-14 years, in addition to (32) women, including (8) minors.

In Jerusalem, the number of arrests since the beginning of the uprising in Damascus Gate on the 13thof last April until the end of May, reached 845 arrests, most of them were released under conditions, most notably deportation from the place of detention, house arrest for a period ranging from 3 days to two weeks, and paying cash bail, while a number of them were presented with indictments, and some of them are still inside the interrogation cells.

The number of administrative detention orders issued reached (200) orders, including (116) new administrative detention orders.

The Prisoners' Affairs and Human Rights Institutions (Prisoners Affairs Authority, Palestinian Prisoners Club, Al-Dameer Institution for Prisoner Care and Human Rights Foundation, and Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Silwan) indicated in a report issued on Sunday, that the number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons reached about 5,300 prisoners at end of May 2021, including (40) females, while the number of children and minors in the occupation prisons reached about (250) children including (81) children from the 1948 lands, and the number of administrative detainees reached about (520).

Prisoners on hunger strike

Prisoner Abu Atwan, 28 years old, from Dura in Hebron, has been on hunger strike for 40 days in protest against his administrative detention. He was arrested in October 2020, and is a former prisoner who was arrested several times. He previously went on a hunger strike in refusal of his administrative detention in 2019.

The prisoner Sheikh Khader Adnan (43 years old), from Jenin, has been on hunger strike for 15 days, in refusal of his administrative detention. He is being held in the cells of “Al-Jalama” detention center, where the occupation intelligence recently issued an administrative detention order against him for a month. The prisoner Adnan is a former prisoner who was arrested (12) times, and this is the fifth strike he has been engaged in during his years of captivity.

The prisoner Amro Al-Shami (18 years), from Jenin refugee camp, has been on hunger strike for 14 days, in refusal of administrative detention. He is detained in the cells of Megiddo Prison, where he started the hunger strike after his one-year sentence expired and the occupation turned him into administrative detention.

The prisoner Youssef Al-Amer (28 years), from Jenin refugee camp, has been on hunger strike for 14 days in refusal of his administrative detention. He is in the cells of “Megiddo” prison. He also started the strike after the occupation transferred him to administrative detention after the end of his sentence, knowing that he is a former prisoner who spent years in the occupation prisons.

The prisoners Sheikh Jamal Al-Tawil, from Ramallah, continues his hunger strike for the 11th day in a row, in refusal to continue arresting his daughter, the journalist Bushra Al-Tawil, administratively. Al-Tawil was arrested several times, and the total time of his detention amounted to more than 16 years, and the occupation re-arrested him at the beginning of June and transferred him to administrative detention for a period of 6 months, and his daughter, Bushra, was arrested several times and is now in "Damoon" prison. She has been detained since November 2020, shortly after her release.