Sheikh Jarrah…Targeting the locals of the neighborhood with arrests and beating
June 26, 2021

On Saturday, the occupation forces targeted the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, with arrests, beatings and prosecution.

In the afternoon hours, the forces arrested the two sisters, Asala and Alissar Abu Hasna, after beating and dragging them, and after stopping them at one of the checkpoints at the entrance to the neighborhood and checking their identities, while they were heading to their homes in the neighborhood.

Asala sustained bruises on her hand and was transferred from the detention center for treatment.

The police released the two sisters late on Saturday evening.

In the evening, the occupation forces arrested Samir Abdel Latif and his son Khalil, after they were attacked by the occupation forces and settlers.

Eyewitnesses reported that the settlers attacked the residents of the neighborhood and deliberately provoked them, and the forces pursued the residents and prevented them from being in front of their homes. The forces stationed at the entrance of Abdel Latif family house assaulted the youth Khalil Abdel Latif while he was in front of his house, and when his father Samir approached them to understand what was going on, the forces assaulted him and then he was arrested.

The Jerusalem Red Crescent said in a statement that 3 injuries were recorded in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as a result of the beating, one was transferred to the hospital, and two others were treated in the field.