Issawiya…Occupation intelligence prevent a ceremony to honor the “Tawjihi” students
August 17, 2021

Last Tuesday afternoon, the occupation authorities prevented a celebration honoring high school students in the village of Issawiya, which was called by the Issawiya Club under the auspices of the Jerusalem Endowment Fund.

Intelligence and occupation forces stormed the Issawiya Stadium, coinciding with a ceremony honoring the Tawjihi students, and deployed forces inside the stadium, and a force was stationed at the door and prevented entry to it, while another force forced those present to leave and evacuate the stadium.

The intelligence placed the ban order issued by the "Minister of Internal Security in the Occupation Government", which stated that the event was sponsored by the Palestinian Authority, and ordered that it be banned according to the "Law of Implementing the Middle Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza - Limiting Activities."

The occupation forces arrested the president of the Issawiya Club, Aziz Obeid, and referred him to investigation.