Storming the “Girls” School and arresting its director…a decision to close the “Education” office in Jerusalem
September 1, 2021

On Wednesday, the occupation forces arrested the director of the Young Muslim Girls School in Jerusalem, and one of its employees, after storming the school's headquarters, under the pretext that a room was used as an office for the Education Directorate.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that joint forces from the Special Forces, intelligence and borders police stormed the "Young Muslim GirlsSchool” in Jerusalem, coinciding with the presence of dozens of female students in the squares, then they deployed in the school and a force was stationed at its entrance. They stormed a room, and searched it, then closed it and placed a decision on it to “close the office of the Education Directorate in Jerusalem.”

The occupation forces arrested the school principal and an employee, handed summonses to other employees, and confiscated some of the employees' computers.

The Ministry of Education condemned the occupation forces’ storming of the Young Muslim Girls School in Jerusalem and the arrest of its director and one of the female employees of the Activities Department, as well as summoning a number of employees and confiscating files related to educational and administrative work.

The Ministry stressed that the storming of the school and the intimidation of female students and educational staff once again demonstrate the arrogance of the occupation and its continuous targeting of education, especially in Jerusalem, which suffers from the policies of Judaization and damage to the foundations of the collective national identity.

The "Education Directorate" called on all international human rights and human rights institutions and advocates of education to put pressure on the occupation authorities to stop these escalating violations, noting that the occupation army, since the start of the school year, has intimidated students and children by obstructing their access to their schools, prosecuting and arresting them; in contravention of the system of values, rights and norms.