Pictures: Self-demolition of two homes in Jerusalem…starting the “Biblical Garden” project inside the land of the Martyrs Cemetery
September 5, 2021

The occupation municipality forced two Jerusalemites to self-demolish their homes in the towns of Silwan and Beit Hanina, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Beit Hanina

The Jerusalemite, Fayez Izhiman, self-demolished part of his house "living room", in order to avoid paying the demolition fee to the municipality.

Izhiman explained that the municipality initially asked him to demolish the roof which is built from concrete with the possibility of changing it to a wooden roof, and indeed he did so, but he was surprised during the court session with a decision to demolish the walls of the room, then the municipality crews came and put the signs on the walls of his house and identified the demolition areas for self-implementation, and the municipality gave him until next month to implement the decision.

Izhiman explained that the part that he demolished is the living room, and only a room and its benefits remain in the house, but it is not fit for habitation, as the demolished room is connected to the house and therefore its demolition led to the demolition of some of the room’s walls.

He explained that the municipality had forced him in June 2020 to demolish part of his house with his own hands, and imposed a fine on him worth 9,000 shekels, but he had to rebuild and renovate his house because there was no other shelter for him.

Izhiman said: "We build with our own hands and demolish with it, and this is the cost of living in Jerusalem, and we will remain in it and will endure despite all these persecutions."


The occupation municipality forced the Abu Hadwan family to self-demolish their house in the town of Silwanafter a decision to “stop construction for 10 years.”

The Abu Hadwan family explained that they built an apartment 10 years ago, but the municipality issued a decision to "stop the work", and then recently issued a demolition decision.

Martyrs Cemetery

The crews of the “Nature and Parks Authority” and the occupation municipality began implementing the “Biblical Garden” project inside the land of the Martyrs Cemetery adjacent to the Yusufiya cemetery in Jerusalem. Iron plates and dirt were placed to prevent burial inside the cemetery, in preparation for defining paths in the area to overlook the Mount of Olives, and be one of the paths in the surroundings of the Old City of Jerusalem.