Storming the Martyr’s house...arrests…detaining the Martyr’s body...The martyrdom of the Jerusalemite Dr. Hazem Al-Julani
September 11, 2021

On Friday, Dr. Hazem Al-Julani was martyred after being shot dead by the occupation forces, under the pretext of attempting to “carry out a stabbing attack” while he was inthe area of Al-Majles Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses reported that the occupation forces shot the martyr directly and at close range, leaving him to bleed without providing him with first aid and treatment, and prevented the people present from approaching him, as well as forcing those present to enter their homes and shops, during which they closed the gates of the Old City and prevented entry to it. The forces assaulted some people by beating and pushing them, and arrested Mrs. Aida Sidawi from the area of Al-Majles Gate.

The family’s lawyer

Lawyer Khaldoun Nijem - the lawyer for the Al-Julani family - explained that the police initially talked about Al-Julani's being critically injured, and minutes later announced his death, after being shot with several bullets in the upper part of his body.

Nijem said: "The police released the video of the incident, in which they showed the part when he tried to stab, but they did not show the method of shooting him. They could have shot in the air or shot him in the lower part of his body."

He added: "The police are talking about an autopsy, but the family must agree to this, and I hope that the martyr’s body will be handed over and buried within the next week."

Nijem stressed the need to open an investigation in the manner of shooting, which is in violation of Israeli laws.

Lawyer Nijem added that the forces stormed the martyr's workplace - Rayan College - in Salah El-Din Street, and confiscated some equipment from it. They also stormed his house and executed arrests of family members.

Khaldoun al-Julani - the cousin of Martyr Hazem - explained that the family learned of the news of the injury and death of Hazem through social media, then the forces stormed the house and arrested his son and his two brothers, Raed and Mu’tasim. They also summoned his wife and son for investigation, as they were in the hospital trying to get information regarding his medical condition.

The occupation forces and intelligence were deployed in the town of Shu’fat, and in the vicinity of the house of the Martyr Hazem Al-Julani.