Arresting the freed prisoners Omar Obeid and his father…renewing administrative detention orders
September 14, 2021

Last Tuesday, the occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner Omar Mohammad Obeid and his father, from the village of Issawiya, while the administrative detention of 3 Jerusalemite prisoners was renewed.


The occupation forces stormed the village of Issawiya, coinciding with the arrival of the freed prisoner Omar Obeid and welcoming him in the village, and arrested him and his father.

The freed prisoner, Obeid, was released from the Negev desert prison, after completing his six-and-a-half-year sentence. Immediately after his release, he was summoned for interrogation, and hours later he was released, then arrested from his home during his reception.

Administrative detention

The occupation authorities renewed administrative detention for a period of 4 months for the second time in a row for the prisoners: Amin Shweiki, Amir Zghayyar, and Mohammad Al-Arnaout.


The occupation authorities expelled the boy, Mohammad Al-Shalabi, from Al-Aqsa for two weeks, while the young man, Sami Fteiha, was deported from the Old City for two weeks.