Silwan- A new property seized by settlers
October 6, 2021

On Wednesday, the Elad Settlement Association took control of an apartment belonging to the Farroukh family, in the Wadi al-Rababeh neighborhood in Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa.

The settlers of the Elad settlement association, accompanied by police and officers, stormed an apartment where Nidal Farroukh lives without him and his family being at home, and the settlers immediately changed the locks of the apartment and installed surveillance cameras around it.

Bilal Farroukh - the owner of the property - explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, that the family was surprised by storming the apartment where his brother lives, and during the family's attempt to reach the apartment - which is located on the second floor - the police prevented them, beat him severely, and sprayed them with pepper gas, and arrested Mahmoud Farroukh.

Bilal Farroukh added that the settlers took control of the apartment under the pretext of "accumulation of debts on his brother Nidal", and said:I don’t know what happened. There are people that owe millions of shekels but their properties were never seized in this way. Nidal does not own this apartment, and I have all the documents to prove my ownership of the apartment, and I will follow up the case to get the settlers out of the property.”

Nidal Farroukh explained that they contacted his brother Nidal in an attempt to find out the truth of what happened, and he informed them of his intention to come to the house, explaining to them that he was on a trip with the family in the city of Akko.

This is the preliminary information that the information center has obtained until the moment of preparing the report. In the event of any new information, it will be added and clarified.