Arresting 7 Jerusalemites from the Sumrein family, some of them from inside the hospital
October 8, 2021

The occupation forces arrested 7 Jerusalemites from the Sumrein family, after dozens of settlers attacked the young man, Mohammad Mahmoud Sumrein.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, quoting the Sumrein family, stated that the occupation forces stormed Hadassah Hospital this afternoon and arrested the injured young man, Mohammad Mahmoud Sumrein and his father, Mahmoud.

The family added that Mohammad was assaulted yesterday with sharp tools while he was with 4 young men of his relatives in Jaffa Street, west of Jerusalem.

The family added that Mohammad sustained injuries in his hand, and required 30 stitches, and because of his pain, his father took him again to the hospital for treatment and the necessary examinations, during which they were surprised by the forces storming the hospital and arresting them as well as Alaa’ Sumrein who was with them.

The family explained to the center thatthe police arrested the young men: Daoud Haroun Sumrein, Ezz Youssef Sumrein, Mohammad Issa Sumrein, and Mohammad Ziad Sumrein, after the settlers attacked them, pointing out that the court extended their detention until next Monday.