Pictures… Bones and skulls of Muslims refute the courts’ decisions and the narratives of the “Nature and Parks Authority”
October 10, 2021

On Sunday, the occupation bulldozers razed the cemetery of the "Martyrs' Memorial / Yusufiya" cemetery in Jerusalem, during which bones and skulls of Muslims buried hundreds of years ago appeared.

Ahmed Al-Dajani, a member of the Graves Committee, explained that the excavations in the cemetery of the Martyrs’ Memorial revealed the bones, teeth and skulls of the dead Muslims who were buried in this area. The occupation wanted to obliterate this cemetery and turn it into a biblical garden, paths, benches and public baths, but the excavation process today revealed and confirmed what we were saying that this entire place is an Islamic cemetery.

Al-Dajani added: "Tombstones and stones erode and their features disappear with the passage of time, due to natural factors. These graves and tombstones that exist today may disappear after years, so will it become possible to establish gardens on them?"

Al-Dajani explained that the Antiquities Authority, when it came to the site and saw the bones, shouted at the “working” contractor because he carried out the excavation and bulldozing process in the cemetery. The instructions were to work in it and lay the dirt without any bulldozing, because the Antiquities Authority knows that there is a cemetery in this site.”

After the bones were found, the Jerusalemites flocked to the cemetery site, protesting against the excavations and exhumations of the graves of ancestors, martyrs and Muslim scholars, and they performed afternoon, sunset and evening prayers.

The Palestinian Red Crescent stated that its crews dealt with two injuries with sound grenades, and they were treated in the field, and one of the injuries was to an ambulance officer from the Red Crescent.

The occupation authorities have been working for years to transform the cemetery of the martyrs’ memorial, which occupies an area of about 4 acres, into a biblical garden overlooking the slopes of the Mount of Olives. On one occasion, they demolished the wall of the cemetery and the stairs leading to it, and also put markings to work inside the cemetery from time to time, and last month they placed iron plates and dirt after a court decision allowed them to resume work, and the courts acknowledged the presence of several graves in the place only and refused to the fact that the whole land is a cemetery and have bodies buried in it for hundreds of years, but excavations revealed the presence of the remains of the dead.