The occupation municipality orders two families to self-demolish their property in Jerusalem
October 17, 2021

The occupation municipality forced two families to self-demolish their homes in the city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Al-Tur... the Abu Sbitan family

Salman Abu Sbitan, who is a freed prisoner, self-demolished his "under-construction"house, after a court decision obligating him to do so, otherwise the municipality's mechanisms will do so, and he has to pay the "demolition fees".

Abu Sbitan, said: "Nine months ago I started building the house, and two months ago the municipality issued an administrative demolition decision for it. I was preparing to move into it, but the municipality refused to freeze or postpone the demolition."

Not only did the prosecution of Abu Sbitan from the municipality stop, but the repeated incursions into his house by the Israeli forces demanded that the house be demolished even before the court’s decision.

Wadi Al-Joz…The Bazbazat family

The Bazbazat family also demolished a "60-square-meter room" with their own hands, knowing that it had been in place since 1995.

Mohammad Bazbazat, explained that the room had been in existence for years, and in 2005 the municipality issued a fine on them under the pretext of “building without a permit.” During the family’s application to license the facility, they were surprised by the decision to demolish the room’s ceiling, pointing out that 30,000 shekels were imposed on them as “building violations.”

The young man added that the municipality went after the family, and asked them last week to demolish the walls of the room and not remove the rubble from them, until the final decision on the case is made.