After years of prosecution - ratification of the decision to withdraw the "identity" from the released prisoner Salah Hammouri
October 18, 2021

On Monday, the Minister of Justice in the occupation government and the legal advisor approved the decision to withdraw the identity of the freed prisoner, Salah Hammouri, on the pretext that he “poses a threat to the security of the occupying state and is not loyal to it and is a member of the Popular Front.”

Since September 2020, the authorities have informed the Hammouri family about the intention of the "Minister of Interior" of the occupation government's to withdraw the "residency" identity, and procedures began until the decision was approved on Monday.

The decision to withdraw Hammouri’s identity comes 5 years after the Hammouri family was dispersed, after his wife was deported to France and prevented from returning to her home in Jerusalem. Hammouri said: “In 2016, as my wife was coming back to from France to Jerusalem, she was detained for 3 days and then deported back to France with an entry ban of 10 years, even though she holds a visa and papers that enable her to enter the Palestinian territories.” Hammouri noted that his wife was seven months pregnant when she was deported.

He was arrested for the first time in 2001, then the arrests followed between years and months, including 7 years on charges of "belonging to the Popular Front", in addition to administrative arrests, and military decisions banning him from entering the West Bank that lasted for two years.