16 detainees from Jerusalem…Arrests, assaults and suppression in the area of Damascus Gate
October 18, 2021

On Monday, Damascus Gate Square has turned into a hit-and-run square, between the occupation forces and the Palestinians.

The occupation forces pursued dozens of Palestinians in the Damascus Gatearea from the afternoon hours until the evening, in a daily attempt to prevent them from being present and sitting in the Damascus Gatearea.

This afternoon, the forces assaulted a young man in the area, and then proceeded to evacuate the area from those present, during which they assaulted journalist Nisreen Salem, her sister Sajida and their mother, with severe beatings. She is a journalist and covers daily events in the Damascus Gatearea, as they do not want to show the truth and convey it to the world, so they arrested her, pointing out that the forces beat and dragged her daughter Sajida and pulled her by the hair, noting that she suffers from a chest problem.

During that time, the forces arrested journalist Ahmed Abu Sbeih, after beating him.

After that, the forces continued to pursue those present to disperse them by beating them with batons and sound grenades, pushing and arresting them. Dozens of Palestinians were injured by shrapnel and various bruises due to the attacks that lasted for several hours.

Many children, boys and women were affected and were in a state of fear and panic, as their passage from the streets adjacent to Damascus Gate coincided with the storming of cavalry teams and a large presence of forces in the area, and they randomly attacked those present.

During that time, the forces carried out separate arrests from the streets of Jerusalem.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the detainees on Monday were:

1. Anan Hammour

2. Rebhi Ashraf Kufrani

3. Mohammad Wajih Abu Daoud

4. Yasser Qirresh

5. Mohammad Jamjoom

6. Ahmed Siam

7. Hussain Issa

8. Tamer Muhtaseb

9. Sajida Salem

10. Journalist Nisreen Salem

11. Journalist Ahmed Abu Sbeih

12. Sultan Sarhan

13. Islam Rajabi

14. Louay Rajabi

15. Sufian Al-Natsheh "Summoned for investigation".

16. A young man was arrested from the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque while trying to enter through Al-Qataneen Gate.