Dozens of arrests…assault, beating and suppression in the streets of Jerusalem
October 19, 2021

For the third week in a row, the occupation authorities continue to suppress Jerusalemites and prevent their presence in the Damascus Gate area.

On Tuesday, in conjunction with the presence of hundreds of Jerusalemites in Damascus Gate Square, the occupation forces stormed a scout show on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday.

The forces assaulted those present with batons, pushing and dragging them on the ground, most of whom are girls, women and their children, boys and young men, and the cavalry teams dispersedthem, while wastewater was being prayed randomly in the streets.

The occupation forces turned the streets of Jerusalem from Herods Gate area to Street No. 1, into a military barracks, where teams of officers, cavalry, border guards, police and a sewage car were deployed in all the streets, and they carried out attacks and arrests several times.

Various paramedics crews indicated that dozens were injured during the confrontations with the occupation forces in the streets of Jerusalem, from sound grenades, beatings, and suffocation from sewage water or pepper gas.

The Red Crescent issued a statement in which it monitored the cases that its crews dealt with: 17 injuries, 10 of whom were transferred to hospitals.

The occupation forces detained dozens of Jerusalemites inside observation rooms, beat them and subjected them to body searches. Some of them were released and some of them were transferred to detention centers.

On Tuesday evening, the undercover unit fired bullets in the air, during the arrest of a young man from the Herods Gate area, and the center observed that one of the members of the undercover unit fired bullets while the other hit the boy.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center lawyer for minors, Mohammad Mahmoud and lawyer Firas Al-Jabrini, and local sources explained that the detainees from the streets of Jerusalem are:

1. Mahmoud Nidal Al-Salaymeh

2. Suleiman Aweisat

3. Nour Al-Dine Abu Nijmeh

4. Bara’ Amira

5. Ahmed Abu Daoud

6. Mohamed Anati

7. Ahmed Shehadeh

8. Amir Al-Khatib

9. Mustafa Bayaa

10. Malik Hamamra

11. Mohamed Hamamra

12. Malik Shalabi

13. Ibrahim Muhtaseb

14. Ahmed Izhiman

15. Ezz El Din Risheq

16. Miran Burqan

17. Majd Abu Amer

18. Rami Iyas Al-Razem