An increase in the number of detainees…23 detainees from Jerusalem
October 19, 2021

Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem said that the number of detainees in the city of Jerusalem, on Tuesday, reached 23, most of whom are minors.

The center's lawyer for minors, Mohammad Mahmoud and Firas Al-Jabrini, explained that most of the detainees were beaten during arrest and detention, and some of them showed signs of beating and wounds on the face, neck and hands.

The two lawyers added that the detainee, Rami Al-Razem, 20, was arrested by the undercover unit, from the Herods Gate area, and beaten with the butts of pistols and hands. Hours later, a medical staff came and gave him initial treatment at the investigation center.

The two lawyers explained that the detainees, since the hour of arrest and transfer to the police station, were prevented from entering the bathroom, and were not provided with food or water, and they are being held in difficult conditions, especially due to their large numbers.

The two lawyers pointed out that some of the detainees were released, while the police continued to detain the largest number, some of whom were not investigated.

The detainees are:

1. Abdel Nasser Afaneh

2. Rami Al Razem

3. Izz Al-Din Risheq

4. Ibrahim Muhtaseb

5. Ahmed Izhiman

6. Ali Abu Hadwan

7. Malik Shalabi

8. Suleiman Aweisat

9. Mahmoud Al-Salaymeh

10. Majd Abu Amer

11. Mustafa Bayaa

12. Malik Hamamra

13. Mahmoud Nimer

14. Miran Burqan

15. Ehab Bader

16. Nour Al-Din Abu Nijmeh

17. Bara'a Amira

18. Ahmed Abu Daoud

19. Mohamed Anati

20. Ahmed Shehadeh

21. Amir Al-Khatib

22. Mahmoud Hamamra

23. Adam Faraj Jaber