Details…The forces raid two homes for the Siam family and arrest 4 family members including an elderly
October 22, 2021

On Friday, the occupation forces arrested 4 Jerusalemites from the Siam family, including an elderly person, after storming the family’s homes in “Torbet Al-Sawahreh” in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces, disguised in a private bus, stormed the house of Ibrahim Siam, and then the special forces and police vehicles followed in large numbers, during which the forcescompletely surrounded the entrances and streets of the place.

Siam's family explained to the center that dozens of masked forces, special forces, intelligence and police broke into two houses for the family and a house for the Abbasi family next door, after destroying the main door.

The family added that, upon entering the house, the forces attacked those present with pepper gas, then hit the young man, Alaa Siam, on the head with rifle butts, and sprayed him directly with pepper gas, despite his suffering from a heart disease, and informing them of this during the attack. They also attacked Ibrahim and Ala’ and Mohammad Abbasi, and prevented them from receiving first aid. 

The forces searched the contents of the homes of the Siam and Abbasi families and destroyed all the contents. They used ladders to inspect the air conditioners, and also searched roofs, vehicles, and the outer courtyard of the houses.

The forces arrested Ibrahim Musa Siam, 71, and his grandson Ibrahim Raed Siam, Omar Siam, and Alaa Siam.