By decision of the "Minister of Internal Security" - Banning children's activities in Jerusalem... Arrests and deportations from the Yusufiya Cemetery
October 26, 2021

On Tuesday, the occupation authorities prevented the organization of a sports, entertainment and cultural event in the city of Jerusalem, by a decision of the Minister of Internal Security in the occupation government, under the pretext that it was organized by the Palestinian Authority.

In the morning, the occupation intelligence raided the headquarters of the “Abuna Ibrahim” monastery in the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in the town of Silwan, after besieging it, coinciding with an event organized by the Silwan Sports Club in cooperation with the Palestinian National Theater “Al-Hakawati” and the National Music Institute; Convoy - mobile theater, with the support of the United Nations Development program.

Marwan Al-Ghoul, head of the Silwan Club - who was summoned for investigation - explained that the intelligence stormed the headquarters of "Abuna Ibrahim", as soon as the French Consul General left the place, as the forces waited for the Consul to leave and raided the place, and handed the director of the monastery a decision to stop and prevent the event, pointing out that other forces were present in the vicinity of the headquarters of Silwan Sports Club.

Al-Ghoul added that the occupation authorities tried, since Monday evening, to inform them of the decision, but they refused to cancel the event, due to the lack of a ban decision. He said: “When the intelligence came to the event’s headquarters, it summoned me to investigation at Al-Maskoubiya, and the intelligence claimed that the event was “sponsored by the Palestinian Authority and harms Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.”

Al-Ghoul explained that the event was opened in the morning with the children, in the presence of the French Consul General, pointing out that the program of events was a variety of "plays and singing for children and evenings for families" for a period of 3 days, with the aim of entertaining Jerusalemites.

The intelligence also summoned Nihad Zghayyar, and handed him a decision banning a "children's football tournament" in Burj al-Laqlaq.

The Yusufiya Cemetery

The excavation work continued, and the dirt and the iron fence were placed on the land of the Martyrs Cemetery in Jerusalem, amid attacks on the people to prevent them from being in the cemetery.

On Monday evening, the forces threw sound grenades in the vicinity of the Yusufiya Cemetery, to prevent any presence in the area.

The forces arrested 3 Jerusalemites from the cemetery: Musa Khalaf, Nawaf al-Salaymeh, and Laith al-Shalabi. Hours later, they released the two young men, Khalaf and al-Salaymeh, on the condition that they be expelled from the Yusufiya Cemetery.


On Tuesday evening, the occupation forces arrested the young man Hisham Siam from the area ofDung Gate in Silwan.

They also arrested a young man from Silwan after assaulting him while he was with his family in their vehicle.

The occupation forces stormed a butchery in Silwan, and assaulted Mohammad Da’na with beating and sound grenades inside the butchery.