Pictures- Demolishing the house of the Jaber family in Wadi Al-Joz
November 10, 2021

The occupation municipality staff demolished on Wednesday a house for the Jaber family in the Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood in Jerusalem, and gave the family until the 17thof this month to complete the demolition.

Mrs. Aida Jaber explained that the house belongs to her son Mahmoud, who is serving a 32-month prison sentence, and the Dweik family lives is renting it.

Ms. Jaber added that the occupation forces and crews stormed the house, and emptied its contents completely, without warning. The municipality claimed that its crews placed the demolition decision on the house, but the family denied receiving it.

Jaber explained that the municipality’s crews informed them, during the storming of the house, that the family must pay 100,000 shekels, “the demolition fee,” or that the family complete the demolition. The demolition started, explaining that the municipality’s crews demolished some of the interior walls, the bathroom and the kitchen and vacated the entire house before withdrawing from the place.

The Dweik family - who lives in the house - explained that the occupation forces stormed their house suddenly, and demanded them to leave it immediately, and demolished the walls and it became uninhabitable, pointing out that 8 people live in it.