Pictures…A shooting incident…the martyrdom of Fadi Abu Shkheidem…arrests and assaults on his family members
November 21, 2021

On Sunday morning, Fadi Mahmoud Abu Shkheidem, 42, was shot dead by the occupation forces, after he carried out a shooting attack in the Al-Silsileh Gate area in the Old City of Jerusalem, which led to the killing of a settler and injury of other soldiers, including critical cases.

Eyewitnesses reported that the armed clash between the martyr and the occupation forces took place specifically from the area of Al-Silsileh Gate, "one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque", on the road leading to the Al-Buraq Wall. Officers, intelligence and police personnel closed the site completely, and conducted field investigations.

After the operation, the occupation forces stormed Al-Rashidyeh School, where the martyr works as a teacher, searched the courtyards, and arrested the guard, Abdel Karim Abu Kharoub, then released him after several hours of investigation.

The occupation Special Forces, accompanied by the intelligence services, stormed the building of the Abu Shkheidem family in Shu’fat refugee camp, after completely besieging the building, during which they beat the family members. After a thorough search and detention, the forces arrested the martyr’s daughter, Aya, his brother Shadi, his nephew Basel, and summoned his mother, 69 years old, and his 8-year old child Abdullah for investigation. They also summoned the martyr’s brothers, Wissam and Hussam, for immediate investigation.

The Abu Shkheidem family indicated that the intelligence released all the detainees, except for the boy Basil.

The young man Anas Sweiti - one of the martyr’s relatives - explained what happened: “They stormed the house in a barbaric way, surrounded us and beat some of us, then they detained the martyr’s family members in a room, without electricity, they prevented us from moving or talking, they prevented women and children from going to the bathroom or drinking water, subjected all detainees to a body search, confiscated phones, and prevented children from even crying.”

He added: "The forces stormed the houses after destroying the doors, as the family refused to open them, and they deliberately destroyed all the contents in all the houses, and smashed the furniture, and even the ceilings, they smashed the "dry wall" in several areas."

The search process and the detention of family members lasted for two and a half hours.

The martyr, Fadi Abu Shkheidem, works as a teacher at Al-Rashidyeh School, he is the director of Dar Al-Hadith in Al-Aqsa, and one of the founders of the Abdullah Bin Abbas Center for the Holy Quran and its Sciences, and a preacher in the mosques of Shu’fat refugee camp, and was studying for his doctorate degree.

Clashes erupted in the Shu’fat refugee camp, during the storming of the house of the martyr Abu Shkheidem, and renewed in the evening hours after a march through the streets of the camp.