Arrests from Jerusalem including the wife of Martyr Abu Shkheidem
November 22, 2021

On Monday, the occupation forces arrested Suad Abu Shkheidem - the wife of the martyr - Fadi, at the King Hussein Allenby Bridge during her return to Jerusalem from Jordan.

The family of the martyr Abu Shkheidem stated that the occupation intelligence arrested Ms. Suad Abu Shkheidem from the King Hussein Bridge, and took her to the Al-Maskobyeh police station, and after hours of continuous investigations, she was released before midnight.

The occupation intelligence summoned the young woman, Aya Abu Shkheidem, the daughter of martyr Fadi, and released her after several hours of investigation.

On the other hand, the occupation forces arrested Rasha Tariq Al-Issawi, from the village of Issawiya.

In Shu’fat refugee camp, the forces also arrested Sheikh Hassan al-Asal.