Jerusalem…A Martyr in Jerusalem…closures and suppression…arrests…injuries
December 4, 2021

A Palestinian young man, Mohammad Shawkat Salima, 25 years old, from the city of Salfit, was shot dead by the occupation forces, after stabbing a settler in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Recordings published on social media showed that the occupation forces, from the "Border Guards", fired continuously at the young man after he was injured and fell to the ground, and prevented ambulance crews from reaching him. The Red Crescent in Jerusalem said: “When a young man was shot and injured, our crews arrived to the area and were prevented from providing him with treatment."

The occupation forces pushed away the citizens from the area where the young man was shot, and closed the area completely, until he was removed from the place.

The occupation forces also closed the gates of the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and detained dozens of Palestinians, especially at Damascus Gate and Herods Gate, and prevented entry or exit.

The occupation forces also pursued the young men in the area of Damascus Gate, beating some of them, pushing them, and using sound grenades.

The Red Crescent said that its crews dealt with 3 injuries during confrontations with the occupation forces in Damascus gate area, 2 with shrapnel from sound grenades, and one in the shoulder due to direct beating, and the injured were taken to the hospital.

The occupation forces arrested two boys from Damascus Gate area in Jerusalem, and severely beat them, one of whom was wounded in the head.

A woman was also arrested and referred to investigation at the "Al-Maskobyeh/ Rooms 4" police station.