Expulsions from Al-Aqsa…extensions of arrest…storming prisoners’ houses
December 13, 2021

On Monday, the occupation authorities expelled 4 Jerusalemites from Al-Aqsa, while extended the arrest of others.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation intelligence expelled Rami Al-Fakhouri and his wife Iman Abu Sbeih, Sufian Al-Ajlouni and Rashid Al-Risheq, from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a period of two weeks, and handed Al-Fakhouri a decision banning him from traveling for a month, subject to renewal.

The occupation court extended the arrest of Nasser Al-Hidmi, Jihad Qos, and Nitham Abu Rammouz until next Wednesday, and the court also extended the arrest of Hamza Zghayyar, Sultan Sumrein and Youssef Zahdeh.

The court also extended the arrest of the two girls, Nufuth Hammad and Israa Ghatit, until next Thursday.The center's lawyer for the minors, Mohammad Mahmoud, submitted an appeal to the District Court against the extension decision, and a session will be held for them on Tuesday.

The court released the young man, Daoud Al-Ghoul, after detaining him for 4 days.

The occupation forces stormed the homes of the freed prisoners and prisoners in the occupation’s prisons, to hand them military decisions to confiscate their money on the pretext that they received funds from hostile parties “the Palestinian Authority or the factions”, and the required amounts were determined for them, in a continuous procedure for two years against the released prisoners and prisoners by a decision of the Minister of the Army in the occupationgovernment.

The center learned that the forces stormed the house of the prisoner, Shorouk Dwayyat, and after extensive search and destruction of the house, the forces confiscated 200 shekels and 50 dollars, and confiscated nearly 4,000 shekels from the house of the freed prisoner Rami Al-Fakhouri, and also stormed the house of the freed prisoner Ahmed Al-Shawish and handed his family a decision to confiscate 7 thousand shekels. They also stormed the house of the freed prisoner Mohammad Mashahra.