Arrests from Jerusalem…conditional releases
December 14, 2021

On Tuesday evening, the occupation forces carried out separate arrests in Jerusalem.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces stormed the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, and arrested the two boys, Yazan Al-Husseini and Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Haj.

In the evening, the forces arrested Saleh Obaid and Mutasem Hamza Obaid, from the village of Issawiya, while they were at the entrance of the village.

They also arrested the young man, Fayez Bkeirat, from the "Atarot" industrial zone.

In the afternoon, the forces arrested the two boys, Yazan Al-Kaloti, and Adam Ghorab. The lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Firas Al-Jabrini, explained that the police released them on the condition that they be deported from the Old City of Jerusalem for 10 days.

The forces also arrested Mrs. Mariam Abu Sneineh, after she was detained near the Dung Gate in Silwan.

At dawn, the forces arrested the young man Qusai Alayan, and the court extended his detention to next Sunday, and the forces arrested Mohammad Siam, Majd Siam and Jamal Hawas.

On Tuesday, the court released the two boys, Hamza Al-Tawil and Ahmed Al-Julani, from the town of Silwan, on the condition that they be deported from Jerusalem and the West Bank.