Jerusalem…Demolishing a cemetery and razing a land…a provocative tour in Sheikh Jarrah…the injury of a woman
January 10, 2022

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished, on Monday, an “under construction” cemetery in the village of Umm Tuba, and a commercial facility, and razed areas of land in Issawiya, while members of Knesset, accompanied by dozens of settlers, carried out a provocative tour in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

An under-constructioncemetery

The occupation mechanisms stormed the cemetery of "Um Tuba", which is under construction, with an area of about one Dunom, and bulldozed the land and demolished the walls and graves built on it, under the pretext of building without a permit. They also demanded the removal of rubble.

Several months ago, the people of the village built new graves in a land adjacent to and close to the village cemetery which ran out space for more graves.


Teams from the municipality, the Ministry of Interior and the Nature and Parks Authority demolished a commercial facility "laundry" in the village, and leveled large areas of land located in several parts of the village, during which they deliberately sabotaged the roads leading to it, in addition to demolishing walls and barracks.

They also stormed the land of the Al-Aqsa guard - Fadi Alayan - and razed it completely, a day after forcing his family to demolish a barn built on his land of bricks and iron poles.

Al-Aqsa guard Fadi Alayan has been in the cells since last month.

Sheikh Jarrah

The member of Knesset, the extremist Itamar Ben Gavir and dozens of settlers made a provocative tour of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, accompanied by Arieh King, a member of the Israeli municipality.

Bin Gavir deliberately provoked the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, by insulting them and asking them to leave the place, while the residents confronted him with cheers, and the police attacked the Jerusalemite activist Mohammad Abu al-Hummus while raising the Palestinian flag.

Assault on a Jerusalemite woman

On Sunday, settlers attacked Mrs. Abeer Abu Jamal, by throwing stones at her car while she was driving on a bypass road from Ramallah to Jerusalem.

Abu Jamal explained that she had fractures in the jaw and was removed from its place, due to the throwing of stones from a height towards her vehicle and the shattering of her glass directly towards her face. She will undergo surgery at the end of this week.