Demolition of residential and commercial facilities by decision of the municipality
January 18, 2022

The occupation municipality continues to force Jerusalemites to demolish their residential and commercial facilities, by threatening them with fines and demolition fees for “the municipality’s crews, mechanisms and accompanying forces.”


Malek Khalayleh was forced to self-demolish 3 shops after a final decision issued by the court last week, and he was given until Tuesday evening to implement it.

 The Wadi Hilweh Information Center/Jerusalem explained that the shops consist of a restaurant, a supermarket, and a store selling electrical appliances.

Khalayleh explained that the shops have been in existence since 2016, and a building fine of 90,000 shekels was imposed on him.

He added that the municipality had frozen the demolition decision until next April, but the District Court issued the final demolition decision, despite attempts to license it.

Beit Hanina

On Monday, Jalal Al-Rajabi self-demolished his house which had been in place for two years.

Al-Rajabi explained that the municipality forced him to demolish the house in which he lived in with his family of seven.

He added that its area is 50 square meters.

Muhammad Rabay'a also self-demolished his house and the surrounding walls.

Rabay'a explained that the house had an area of 50 square meters, and 5 people lived in it.