Arrests from Al-Tur and Issawiya
January 30, 2022

ON Sunday, the occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests from the villages of Issawiya and Al-Tur in Jerusalem.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem learned that the intelligence and occupation forces stormed the Issawiya and Al-Tur, and carried out arrest based on the incident of "throwing snowballs on the police vehicles and settlers" last Thursday.

According to local sources from the two villages, the detainees are:

1. Muhammad Bakr Abu al-Hawa

2. Haitham Abu Al-Hawa

3. Muhammad Wael Abu Al-Hawa

4. Ashraf Hadreh

5. Majdi Al-Hadreh

6. Anas Karawi

7. Hassan Obaid

8. Haitham Obaid

9. Abdel Bilal Mahmoud

10. Amir Majdi Mustafa

11. Muhammad Musa Mustafa

12. Mohamed Ghanem Mustafa

13. Daoud Abu Rayaleh

On Thursday evening, the Israeli police announced that they had arrested 54 Jerusalemites on charges of "throwing snow" at its members.