Details of the health and psychological condition of prisoner Ahmed Manasra
February 23, 2022

Today, the memory of the date of the twelfth of October 2015, and returned with it the image of the child Ahmed Manasra, the wounded child lying on the railway tracks, covered in his blood, surrounded by settlers who cursed him and wished him death.

Today, the memory returned to the interrogation clips that were published for the child Ahmed, during his interrogation, as he screamed, “I don’t remember”. Harsh and difficult details for a child who was no more than 13 years old, after which he was transferred to prisons in difficult detention conditions, all of these things combined and led to the prisoner Ahmed suffering from psychological disorders without receiving the necessary treatment, amid his isolation for a long time.

The family of the prisoner Manasra issued a statement in which it spoke about the health and psychological conditions of its son, who has gone through difficult conditions that began from the moment of his arrest after his injury and the martyrdom of his cousin Hassan, then being subjected to a harsh investigation, his continued isolation, deprivation of visitation, and his lack of treatment and health follow-up.

The statement said: "The family of the prisoner Ahmed Manasra, who faced the brutality of the occupation when his best friend was killed, his cousin, the martyr Hassan Manasra, and he was arrested a young child at the age of thirteen, who was known at the time, and still has the tag "I do not remember" as the password for the steadfastness of our children who are subjected to the most severe forms of repression and intimidation."

The family announced in its statement: “It has strong reservations about some of the publications and news recently published in the media and some social media pages about the prisoner Ahmed, without the family’s consent and respect for their privacy, or their advice or permission, and without careful consideration of the selection of terms and information, and we assume good faith in the media and social media activists, we ask for the approval of the family or its representative, to convey any news or information related to the prisoner Ahmed Manasra, and to respect his suffering and his giving to his homeland.”

The family said that their son Ahmed was severely beaten during the arrest, which caused him to suffer from skull fractures, which led to a hematoma inside the skull, and was subjected to the most severe types of physical torture and psychological intimidation, the use of the long interrogation methods without stopping, deprivation of sleep and rest, and he was subjected to great psychological pressures that a child cannot bear. At this age, as a result of physical torture and psychological abuse, Ahmed suffered and still suffers from severe headaches and chronic and acute pains that accompany him until this moment.

The statement stated: "The occupation isolated the prisoner Ahmed in most periods of detention, in very difficult and intolerable conditions, and made him alone suffer from severe headaches and psychological distress and deprivation of being with the rest of the prisoners for long periods, and he was deprived of family visits "on the pretext of punishment. He was also isolated from the rest of the prisoners, and was deprived of the appropriate treatment to relieve the pain, which led to the emergence of psychological disorders, which exacerbated with the continued isolation and uprooting of his environment, his family and his companions in prison.

The family explained that after learning about their son’s condition, they tried through their lawyer and human rights institutions, to have a doctor and a psychiatrist check on him to know the developments of his condition. He was visited by a psychiatrist, who decided after his visit that he suffers from a psychological disorder as a result of tyrannical and violent conditions, including fractures in the skull, and as a result of his isolation in a narrow cell and not allowing him to mix with the rest of the prisoners, and indicated that the medications he takes are not appropriate and increase the risk of death and the deterioration of his psychological condition and that he needs a proper professional diagnosis and treatment with appropriate medications and an end to his isolation in cells, and that the best treatment is the presence of a social worker in prison rooms or in outer space that helps him to overcome the psychological crisis that the occupation helped and even worked to exacerbate by isolation and inappropriate treatment and excessive use of Narcotic and hypnotic drugs.

The family explained that they tried along with the legal, medical, psychological and social staff to implement the recommendations of the psychiatrist after her only visit, but without any response from the occupation authorities, which continue to deprive him of the correct medicines and put him in conditions of complete isolation without the slightest rights, and deprive him of visiting parents or calling them over the phone , and made him a companion to the walls of the narrow cell, in pain and by himself, and speaking with himself, and living in a state of fantasies and dreams before which a person could not stand.

The family denounced the occupation’s claim that isolating the prisoner Ahmed in a separate isolation room came to protect him and the rest of the prisoners due to the deterioration of his psychological condition. The prisoner Ahmed is the cause and source of the occupation and occupation only, and that isolating him from the rest of the prisoners is a harsh punishment, as if imprisonment alone is not enough to punish him!

The family asserts that their son's condition comes within a comprehensive system developed by the occupation to punish the prisoners physically, psychologically and as a family at the same time.

The family held the occupation and its various branches responsible for the physical, psychological and emotional state of the prisoner Ahmed.