Pictures- The streets of Jerusalem turned into a military zone…arrests…assault…extension of arrest
April 6, 2022

For the fourth consecutive day, the occupation forces suppressed the Palestinians in the Damascus Gate area, chased them towards the adjacent streets, and arrested 12 Jerusalemites.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces deployed in the Damascus Gate area and were stationed inside the observation rooms located at the entrance, while their forces deployed in large numbers and various teams in the adjacent streets, during which they beat and pushed those present.

The center added that the forces deliberately evacuated the Damascus Gate area, by forming a chain in the place and pushing away the young men towards Herods Gate, during which they assaulted and pushed and beat those present.

The center added that the forces arrested 12 Jerusalemites. The center's lawyer, Firas Al-Jabrini, explained that the detainees are: Oday Ghaith, Ahmed Al-Tawil, Ali Alqam, Rami Al-Ja’fari, Ismail Othman, Raed Khdour, Muhammad Ishaq Shehab, Muhammad Omar Shehab, Mahmoud Abu Al-Hawa, Yazan Ashayer, Hani Abu Ghannam, and Tawfiq Abu Arafa.

On the other hand, the forces arrested two boys from Beit Hanina, they are: Mohammad Abu Sbeih and Nour Aloun.

On Tuesday afternoon, the occupation forces also arrested the head of the Jerusalemite Prisoners' Families Committee, Amjad Abu Asab, and extended his detention for 24 hours, on suspicion of "incitement on Facebook".

The intelligence released the freed prisoner, Shadi Ahmed al-Shurafa, after he was arrested in front of Raymond desert prison, after spending 20 years in prison.

The prisoners' committee stated that the released prisoner, Shadi al-Shurafa, was arrested in 2002 and convicted of "belonging to the Popular Front and participating in several activities and events."

The committee added: "Al-Shurafa had passed the Tawjihi exam twice, studied at the Hebrew Open University, and last year obtained a master's degree in regional studies. He also joined an Arab university and passed several important courses."

The committee added that Al-Shurafa suffered from medical negligence, and was prevented from receiving the necessary treatment for his eye, as he suffers from corneal problems.

The occupation authorities renewed the decision to prevent the Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, from entering the West Bank until the end of next July.