A young man is critically injured…closures and suppression…preventing entry into Al-Aqsa Mosque
May 8, 2022

On Sunday evening, the occupation forces shot the 20-year-old, Nazir Dar Ahmed, while he was being held inside the observation room in Damascus Gate area in Jerusalem.

Lawyer Khaldoun Najm explained that the victim is from the village of Abwein in the West Bank, and he was shot while he was being held inside the observation room, then left to bleed for a long time, which led to the deterioration of his health condition.

Najm added that the young man was hit by several bullets in the the neck, shoulder, thigh, and feet.

He explained that asession to extend his arrest will be held for him on Monday.

After shooting at the young man, the forces closed the area completely and prevented access to it. They pushed and beat those present in the area, and set up iron barriers at the gates of the Old City, and closed some of them.

The forces turned the areas of Herods Gate, Sultan SuleimanStreet, Damascus Gate, al-Musrara, and Nablus Street, into a military zone, by deploying forces from the Yamam and Special Units, as well as police and intelligence personnel.

The forces assaulted the locals - who were prevented from returning to their homes or going to work - by beating, pushing, detaining and body searches.

The forces also searched some shops, streets and buildings.

The forces also prevented entry into Al-Aqsa to perform the Night prayer, and the worshipers performed prayers at the gates of Al-Aqsa and the Old City.