The Israeli Supreme Court rejects the petitions filed against the "Cable Car" project
May 15, 2022


The Israeli Supreme Court rejected on Sunday morning, the petitions filed against the "cable car" in the city of Jerusalem.

Lawyer Sami Irshid explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Jerusalem, that the Supreme Court suddenly rejected petitions against the cable car project, to give the green light to start implementing the project, despite the objections made against it.

Lawyer Irshid added that the detailed objections made on behalf of the people of Silwan, and the merchants of the Old City of Jerusalem, and civil society associations; Palestinian and Israeli, and despite professional criticism for this project because of how it affects the Old City and the view of the walls of Jerusalem, in addition to damage to the legacy of cultural, historical and architectural city.

He explained the Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the "cable car" project was derived from the "structural project surrounding the Old City", which the Israeli authorities began working on more than ten years ago. Two years ago, the "Jerusalem Development Authority" launched and announced the cable car project in the vicinity of the Old City in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality and the ministries of transportation and tourism, where the Israeli authorities considered that this project is part of "national projects for transportation and the transportation of tourists to the Old City."

In 2019, the Israeli Infrastructure Committee approved the plan for the cable car in Jerusalem, which connects the Mount of Olives to Al-Buraq Square. The plan includes several stations, while objections were submitted to the station from Al-Thori neighborhood, passing through the Prophet David area, to the Wadi Hilweh area, specifically the “Kedam settlement project.”