Arrests in Jerusalem
May 26, 2022

On Thursday, the occupation forces carried out separate arrests in the city of Jerusalem.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the forces stormed several neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem, and carried out separate arrests. Among the detainees: Samer Abu Eisha, Mahmoud al-Shawish, Muhammad al-Dakkaq, Rawhi Kulghasi, and Muhammad Najib.

The center pointed out that the forces arrested 11 young men on Wednesday from Al-Tur, Al-Sowaneh, the Old City and its streets. They also issued orders to deport them from Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, on the eve of the "flags dance march" next Sunday in commemoration of the occupation of the eastern part of the city.

On Thursday morning, the occupation authorities transferred the young man, Othman Jalajel, to administrative detention for a period of 6 months.