Wisam Da’na was run over by settlers and physically attacked by soldiers before being arrested
June 15, 2022

Wissam Da’na, from the town of Silwan, sustained various bruises, scratches and aches, as a result of the assault on him during the "arrest, investigation and detention", after he was run over by the settler's vehicle while walking in Maragha neighborhood in Silwan.

The effects of the beatings are visible on the body of the young man Wissam Da’na, scratches on his back, wounds on his feet, neck and shoulders...He suffers double the pain because he suffers from a disc in his back and a heart disease.

Last Monday evening, Wissam went out to the grocery store, and as he was walking, the settlers’ vehicle stepped on his foot, so he knocked on its door, only to be surprised by dozens of soldiers attacking him, as he explained after his release.

Wissam added: "Dozens of soldiers were inside the "settlers’ guards" vehicle. They attacked me and severely beat me all over my body. They put the clamps in my hand after I was held on the ground. Then they took me to a settlement outpost in the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood. They continued to beat me with hands, feet, rifle butts, and pushing. Despite my repeated screaming that I am sick with a heart disease and suffer from back and feet pain, they still continued to beat me”

Da’na added: "I was transferred from the outpost to Salah El-Din Street Police Station, and from there to the Al-Maskobyeh station, and the interrogation lasted for 8 hours, during which I was also subjected to beatings and constant threats. I have a heart problem, but they didn't care."

Da’na continued: "Yesterday, Tuesday, I was presented to the court, and I was released on condition of house arrest for two days, and the signing of a financial guarantee."

Da’na pointed out that the police deliberately delayed the implementation of the release order for several hours.

For years, Wissam Dana has been prosecuted with arrest and house arrest, and he has been forced to "work for the public/compulsory free work."