Sentencing three young Jerusalemite men
July 20, 2022

On Wednesday morning, the Occupation Court issued actual prison sentences against 3 Jerusalemites.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem stated that the court sentenced the two young men: Nawaf Abu Al-Hawa to actual imprisonment for 7 years, Rami Salah El-Din to actual imprisonment for 5 years, and Ibrahim Al-Hunaiti to actual imprisonment for 14 months.

Financial fines were also imposed on them: 20 thousand shekels for each of Nawaf and Rami, and 2000 shekels for the young man Al-Hunaiti.

The young men were arrested in the middle of last year, and were subjected to harsh and prolonged interrogations. Abu Al-Hawa and Al-Hunaiti were not allowed to take their high school exams, which they were preparing for at the time.