Demolition and bulldozing a land in Sur Baher and Silwan
August 3, 2022

On Wednesday, the Israeli bulldozers carried out demolitions and razing operations in Sur Baher and Silwan, in Jerusalem.


The occupation forces and municipal bulldozers stormed the Abu Tayeh neighborhood in Silwan, surrounded a house for the Abu Sneineh family, and emptied some of its contents, then demolished it.

The occupation forces beat and pushed family members, and made arrests at the demolished site.

Hazem Abu Sneineh, the owner of the house, explained that the forces stormed the house without warning, prevented the family members from taking out all the contents, and forced them out of the house and then demolished it.

He explained that the house has been in existence since 2010, in which 8 people live, and has an area of ​​115 square meters.

He explained that the municipality issued a demolition decision in 2016, and imposed a fine of 70,000 shekels on the family, and during the past years, he tried to license the house through area organizing projects.

Abu Sneineh added that the forces arrested his sons Muhammad and Hazem Abu Sneineh, as well as the Majdi Abu Tayeh.

Sur Baher

Bulldozers razed a plot of land owned by Ali Obeidi, and closed its entrances.

Obeidi uses the land as a parking lot for vehicles and trucks, and confirmed that the bulldozing process took place without warning, and the forces closed the land after withdrawing from the site without the possibility of removing the vehicles parked there.

Bulldozers also demolished a fence for the Zahaika family in Sur Baher.


The occupation forces arrested the JerusalemiteRadwan Omar, from his home in Silwan, and released him after interrogating him in Al-Qishla and handing him a decision to expel him from Al-Aqsa for a week.