The martyrdom of the Jerusalemite Mohammad Osama Abu Jom’a
September 22, 2022

On Thursday evening, the Jerusalemite Mohammad Osama Abu Jom'a, 23, from the village of al-Tur, was shot dead near the settlement of "Modi'in".

The family of the young man, Abu Jom’a, denied what the police had issued in their statements, that their son, Mohammad, had carried out a stabbing attack.

According to the initial information available to the family, their son Mohammad was with one of his relatives and his little girls in a vehicle. After the Modi'in checkpoint, a verbal altercation and a stampede took place between Mohammad and one of those present, "and most likely he is Mohammad's supervisor at work."

A policemen was walking in the area and saw the fight between the two parties, so he shot Mohammad and he was martyred on the spot.

The family explained that his relative, who was with him, sped in his car after the shooting at the scene, in order to protect the two girls, and he was called for investigation at a later time.