Details - The martyr Mohammad Abu Jom’a was accompanied by his cousin and his two children
September 23, 2022

The family of the martyr Mohammad Osama Abu Jom’a demanded that the body of its son be handed over for burial, and that the surveillance cameras be shown to reveal the truth of what happened with Mohammad, denying the occupation’s narrative of him carrying out a stabbing attack.

The martyr Mohammad Abu Jom’a accompanied his cousin Raed to the town of Kufor Qasem inside the 1948 lands, after he finished his work, to take Raed his two daughters “4-5 years” from their mother to spend the weekend with the family in the city of Jerusalem, and during the return to the city near the settlement of “Modi’in”, on a main street crowded with vehicles, Mohammad was shot after he got out of the vehicle.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, met with Amjad Abu Jom'a - Raed's father - who explained what happened with his son Raed and the martyr Mohammad - according to what Raed told the family before he went to the police station where he was arrested.

The father of Raed Abu Jom’a explained: “The martyr Mohammad called my son Raed, and asked him to take him from his workplace because he was feeling tired. Raed told him he was going to get his two daughters from their mother in Kufor Qasem and will pick him up from work on his way there.

He added: "Raed, Mohammad and the two girls were in the vehicle that stood at a red light, Mohammad got off of it suddenly. Raed did not know the reason and did not know what happened with Mohammad at the time. He called him, but the light turned green, and Raed was unable to wait, so he kept going straight looking for a place to park his vehicle to wait for Mohammad or to find out what was going on with him.”

Amjad Abu Jom’a reported what happened, as Raed said: "My son Raed drove the car several meters, and he heard gunshots, and was unable to stop the vehicle since it is a main street with heavy traffic. He continued to drive home to Al-Tur and informed his family of what happened."

Amjad Abu Jom'a added: "I went with my son to the police station, to clarify what happened, and Raed entered the investigation, and after hours the police extended his detention, and today, Friday, he was presented to the court and extended his detention for a week, until next Thursday."

Amjad Abu Jom’a said that there is a lot of evidence denying the narrative…There are cameras in the street which is surrounded by settlements, located several meters from the military checkpoint. Is it reasonable to plan a stabbing attack or to think of that with two girls inside the vehicle?! There are calls between Raed and the martyr Mohammad, and between Raed and the mother of the two children. It turned out that the arrangement was to take the two children from Kufor Qasem to the city of Jerusalem, and to take Mohammad only from his place of work.